Hi, I'm Jason Hong

A Computer Engineering student at the University of Waterloo currently working at Amazon Web Services as an SDE Intern. I like to travel, draw and take photos.



Landing page for the largest hackathon in Canada that saw 30,000 unique visitors per month



  • Software Development Engineer Intern @ AWS

    Working on Amazon Connect Contact Lens

  • Software Tools and Automation Intern @ Canoo

    Increased productivity by creating software release management tool with React, TypeScript, Python, and Flask to monitor and control builds for 10+ vehicle components

  • Organizer @ Hack the North

    Created delightful web experiences with React, Typescript, and Styled Components for one of the world’s largest hackathons, with more than 30k unique visitors and 3M requests per month

  • Software Engineering Intern @ StackAdapt

    Implemented customization and productivity features on a web platform that manages 3000+ ad campaigns with Ruby on Rails, React, and Redux

  • Software Developer Intern @ Monogram

    Optimized performance and size for Qt application in C++ and photo-editing software plugins